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Comments about the 50th Reunion

From Dale Rasmussen

 Tom, You and the rest of the committee did a great job putting the reunion together. It was nice seeing everyone. Wish I could have gone to the Saturday night dinner. I heard everyone had a great time. Nice seeing you too. Dale Rasmussen


From Joe Springer

DonnaLee; Karen; Joanne; and Dorothy---

'Just a quick note to say thanks so much for all your good Reunion coordination work;----it was Super! We looked forward to it and before you know it----it was  over! We must have another----can we make it to 2061?

Thanks again, Stay healthy, and loved seeing you!


From Dennis & Carmen Beals


What a great job you all did planning (and pulling-off) the reunion.  THANK YOU for all your work.  It couldn't have been better!!!   The Beals

                                                                                                           From Steve Burak

From: stephen a burak <>
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Sent: Mon, Oct 17, 2011 10:06 am
Subject: RE: Reunion


Thank you so much for all your work in making our reunion a wonderful event. Great job.
Please forward to the other committee members.
Steve Burak
                                                                                From Pat Young

From: Patricia Lavieri <> To: K2 <K2@JACKNAGSME.COM>; dlitrich <> Sent: Thu, Oct 20, 2011 1:38 pm
My hat off to the committee, they did an awesome job.  The reunion will be unforgettable.  Thank you so much.
I believe you guys missed the porn show that a couple of illumines from Austin HS class of 58 put on.  When Conrad and I left, he stopped in at the bathroom.  While I was waiting for him, two security agents from the Resort came almost running past me.  I watched but couldn't see what was going on.  In the mean time a couple that was from Austin HS walked up along side of me and the lady told me there are two Austin illumines (man & woman) stripped naked in the ladies bathroom at the end of the hall and was having sex in the women's bathroom.  You know they had to be 70 -75 years old, they were class of 58.  When my husband came out of the bathroom and we filled him in on what was going on, his comment was "their on a fixed income, they can't afford a room".  Our car was parked at that end of the building so we had to go down the hall, in the mean time the police came, and we could hear the cop say "GO HOME", the guilty guy kept saying, we were in the bathroom, we're adults.  Finally the police man told them again go home and the resort never wants you to come back here.  The couple finally left.
And I thought our reunion was exciting.  I guess the couple had to make up for old times.
Really, we had an outstanding time, thanks again.
Love Pat Young-Lavieri
                                                                                 From Beverly Sinclair
Hi Tom,
The reunion was great!  The committee did a wonderful job!
Beverly (Sinclair) Moehling
                                                                                 From Dick Parzy

Karen, you and your committee did a great job with the reunion. I didn't  see a sour face in the crowd, ok maybe one but ill keep that to Speaking for myself and prob most it was a fabulous time of reconnecting and brought back memorys I didn't know still existed. Please do it again b4 we get too old and even if its only a meet and  greet with hor dourves it would still be worthwhile.....As much as I tried to talk with everyone I could I missed many and would like an opportunity to find out more about my old classmates. Anyway,, great job, you were terrific and if nothing else the class I took in typing at east leyden prepared me for emails, ............take care, be well..........dick parzy

                                                                                From Jene Hanna

Hi Tom:
I just wanted to say a big "Thank You" for the great job you have done, and are doing on the Class of 1961 website.  I think the reunion committee did a wonderful job organizing the 50th reunion.  But, you seem to continue the fun with all the postings of the fun everyone had.  Just wanted to give you a personal "Thank You"  just for you and hope we do have another reuniion in 5 years.  I would definetly be there!  Thanks again - Jene' (Hanna) Fitzpatrick