East  Leyden Class of 1961

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Last Update 8/15/16

Planning on Attending the Meet & Greet
for the 55th Year Class Reunion

Last Name First Name Married Name/Spouse Meet and Greet
Augustine Richard Carole 2  
Avigliano Victor   1  
Beals Dennis   1  
Becker Michael   1  
Beckwith Leatrice Marynowski 1  
Bell Nancy   1  
Bellizzi Marie   1  
Bluthardt Edward Diane 2  
Carsello Camille Anzelmo 1  
Cerrone Lorene Surges/Roy 2  
Chirafisi Arlene Wilkinson 1  
Ciardella Judy Grzynkowicz 1  
Craig Janet Scobell 1  
Dominquez Alicia Herrera 2  
Dorosh Carmen Beals 1  
Drury Leroy   1  
Eltman Douglas Ernestine 2  
English Merrly Kautt/Richard 2  
Ginocchio Ida Bill Shaw 2  
Girris Mary Ann   1  
Glorioso Michael   1  
Gnech Ron   1  
Grant Pat Radosh 1  
Gregg James Patty 2  
Hahn Ronald   1  
Hanna Jene Fitzpatrick 1  
Incollingo Geraldine Ebbole 1  
Kawa Eileen Formeller 2  
Keene Lynda Wilderson 1  
Kowski Joyce Hahn 1  
Krause Karen Planz 1  
Kruse Bob Judy 2  
Latoria Donnalee Itrich / Tom 2  
Linkenheld Arlene Gregor/John 2  
Lund Lynn Drury 1  
McDowell Ace Carol 2  
McKinney Bud Beth 2  
Melowitz Tom   1  
Michelson Pat Joe Barzano 2  
Nurczyk Allen   1  
Owens Denny   1  
Parzy Richard   1  
Perry Donna Lazzarotto 1  
Radoish Ron   1  
Rasmussen Dale   1  
Russell Lawrence Lynda 2  
Sinclair Beverly Moehling 1  
Slater Dennis   2  
Smith Tom   1  
Socki Edward   1  
Struif Richard Bonnie 2  
Talluto James   1  
Theodosakis Judy Webster 1  
Toerpe Darlene Honaman 1  
Turco JoeAnne Guercki 1  
Uzarski Barb Pijanowski-Ljungblad 1  
Wischnia Dorothy Avigliano 1  
Zwik Sharon Marconi 1  


Planning on Attending the Saturday Night Dinner
 for the 55th Year Class Reunion

Last First Name Married Name/Spouse Dinner
Augustine Richard Carole 2
Avigliano Victor   1
Baron Larry Victoria 2
Beals Dennis   1
Beckwith Leatrice Marynowski 1
Bell Nancy   1
Bluthardt Edward Diane 2
Bruhns Janet Kroll 1
Chirafisi Arlene Wilkinson 1
Ciardella Judy Grzynkowicz 1
Dominquez Alicia Herrera 2
Dorosh Carmen Beals 1
Drury Leroy   1
English Merrly Kautt/Richard 2
Farley Linda Cuilla 1
Fausey Richard Rosemarie 2
Ferguson Sharon Beauchamp-Fender 1
Ginocchio Ida Bill Shaw 2
Girris Mary Ann   1
Glorioso Michael   1
Gnech Ron   1
Grant Pat Radosh 1
Gregg James Patty 2
Hahn Ronald   1
Hanna Jene Fitzpatrick 1
Hauser Eileen Nugent 1
Keene Lynda Wilderson 1
Kowski Joyce Hahn 1
Krause Karen Planz 1
Latoria Donnalee Itrich/Tom 2
Linkenheld Arlene Gregor/John 2
McKinney Bud Beth 2
Melowitz Tom   1
Michales Pat Joe Barzano 2
Milek Joseph   1
Nurczyk Allen   1
Parzy Richard   1
Perry Donna Lazzarotto 1
Radoish Ron   1
Russell Lawrence Lynda 2
Sinclair Beverly Moehling 1
Smith Tom   1
Socki Edward   1
Talluto James   1
Theodosakis Judy Webster 1
Toerpe Darlene Honaman 1
Turco JoeAnne Guercki 1
Uzarski Barbara Pijanowski-Ljungblad 1
Wagner Wayne Kay 2
Werner Dieter Sue 2
Wischnia Dorothy Avigliano 1
Zwik Sharon Marconi 1



The place and date has been set for the 55th reunion:            Pheasant Run
                                                                                                         St. Charles, IL

                                                                                                        September   9, 2016 -  Meet and Greet
                                                                                                        September 10, 2016 -  Dinner and Dancing 

We need your help AND attendance in making this reunion another success!!

***Please advise committee asap if you are planning on attending the reunion.  

***Please go to our website www.eastleydenclassof1961 and review the "lost classmates" list and advise committee of any information you may have on someone.

If you do not own a computer please send any correspondence to:   Reunion Committee E. Leyden Class of 1961
                                                                                                                      Karen Krause Planz
                                                                                                                      108 Kenilworth Ave.
                                                                                                                      Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

We hope this finds you "happy and healthy".

The 1961 Class Reunion Committee
Leatrice Beckwith Marynowski
Judy Ciardella Grzynkowicz
Donnalee Latoria Itrich
Karen Krause Planz
JoeAnne Turco Gurecki
Dorothy Wischnia Avigliano

P.S.  The committee would like to thank Tom Melowitz for the "outstanding" job he has done in keeping our website up-to-date.  Hooray Tom!

Obituary for Mr. Norman D. Goodman

Coach Norman Goodman, 82, legendary Illinois high school basketball coach, passed away peacefully in his sleep on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at the RUSH Oak Park Hospital in Oak Park, Illinois.

He is survived by his loving wife of 59 years, Maureen “Rene”; daughters Debra Overturf, Marcy (Mark) Springhorn, and son Brad (Debra Zapatka); three grandsons, Dr. Andrew Overturf, Alex Springhorn, and Matthew Springhorn; and his granddaughter, Lieutenant Callie Overturf, US Army.

Coach Goodman was one-third of the triumvirate that made East Leyden High School the athletic powerhouse it was during the seventies and eighties. Yet to describe him as a coaching legend does not do justice to the term legend. In his 29 years as East Leyden High School’s basketball coach, his achievements are monumental and unsurpassed. He compiled a record of 548 wins against just 185 defeats. He amassed 14 conference titles, brought teams to the Sweet Sixteen three times, and currently holds the Illinois state record with 108 consecutive regular season wins from 1974 to 1978, which is an unfathomable .963 winning percentage over four seasons.

Among the many honors bestowed upon coach Goodman: The East Leyden basketball court is named in his honor. The section of 25th Avenue immediately outside of East Leyden High School is named in his honor. And he is a member of the Illinois High School Hall of Fame.

Coach Goodman grew up in the rough and tumble Jewish section on Chicago’s north side during the thirties and forties. He attended Lakeview High School and went on to earn his bachelors and masters degrees from Northern Illinois University. After completing his undergraduate course work, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he attained the rank of captain. Coach Goodman was a true leatherneck through and through, and remained a proud Marine throughout his entire life.

Upon his honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, Coach Goodman began his career coaching at a small high school in Athens, Michigan. In 1957, Coach Goodman accepted a position as a physical education teacher at East Leyden High School in Franklin Park, and in 1961 became the school’s head basketball coach ­– a position he held until his retirement in 1990.

Following his amazing career at East Leyden, Coach Goodman went on to coach five years at Lake Forest College. In 1997 he was hired as a scout for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association, a position he held for the next seven years.

As a teacher and coach, Norm Goodman touched and inspired thousands of young men and women over nearly four decades. He has always been well respected and well loved, and he is fondly remembered and reminisced by former students and faculty alike. Norm placed the success of his kids, whether they were players on his team or students in his class, before all other priorities.

His endless patience, great wit, and larger-than-life presence will be dearly missed by all who knew him.

Coach Goodman’s Celebration of Life will be held at Sax-Tiedemann Funeral Home, 9568 Belmont Ave., Franklin Park on Sunday, October 7th from 3:00pm to 9:00pm with eulogies from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. (Jerry Wainwright will be the headliner). 

For information please call (847) 678-1950 or http://www.sax-tiedemann.com/ 

To send flowers or a memorial gift to the family of Mr. Norman D. Goodman please visit our Sympathy Store.


The  mailing list for the the class of 1961 is now out on our web site as of 11/15/11.  You access the mailing list via Contact Information and then follow the link to the Password Page where you will have to enter a password to
get the mailing list.  If your email address is on the Contact Information page you should have received an email
 from Tom_Melowitz@yahoo.com with the correct password.  If you are a member of the Class of 1961 and did not receive the password send an email to Tom Melowitz.

Any feedback on the CD from the Reunion Photographer should be sent to eastleyden1961.aol.com.



The Responses to the Reunion Reservation Form received as of 9/28/11

Meet & Greet

Leyden Tour


LN/MN First Name Married Name

Spouse Guest


    Abatangelo Valeria      
    Abbott Joyce Dote    
2 2   Abraham Janis Nagorsen Jim  
    Accardo Lorraine Edgerly    
    Algrim Bob      
    Altendorf Karen Fysh   pfeffer43@charter.net
    2 Altergott Susan Moore John johnandsusanmoore@comcast.net
1     Arling Susan Koe   suegoosey@gmail.com
    Atkins Nanette     natkins6@austin.rr.com
2   2 Augustine Richard   Carole daugustine2@aol.com
2 1 2 Avigliano Victor See Dorothy Wischnia vavigliano10@aol.com
    Banakis Eileen Landgraf    
    Baran James      
1 1 1 Bartys Karol Hadick   haddi3@aol.com
    Barzano Richard      
    Bassett Joanne Carini   jcarini4@verizon.net
2 2 2 Bauer Larry See Marlene Boike   papabauer@gmail.com
    Bavido Joseph     jbavido@sbcglobal.net
    Beals Dennis See Carmon Dorsch   integra.enterprises@hotmail.com
    Becker Marlene Johnson    
2     Becker Mike   Fran  
1   1 Beckwith Leatrice Marynowski   leatriceMae@comcast.net
    Behnke Judith Dudlicek   tradewinds@sbcglobal.net
1 1 1 Bell  Nancy     nbell9017@comcast.net
    Bellizzi Marie See Dennis Owens   ihatework@sbcglobal.net
    Berg Donald     donagberg@yahoo.com
1 1 1 Bertram Dave     dbert58@gmail.com
    Bianco Robert     rsbianco@comcast.net
  1 Bieneman Arthur     mask.7@netzero.com
    Biesterfeld Patricia Powderly   papowderly@yahoo.com
    Biondo Bob      
    Blenkle Dennis      
    Blume Earl      
2   2 Bluthardt Edward E.   Diane sparkyblu@gmail.com
    Boelter Phyllis Kordecki    
    Boike Marlene Bauer   marlenevbauer@yahoo.com
    Bondlow Allen      
    Brewster Frank     budbrewster@comcast.net
    Brickman Ronald     rnbrick@sbcglobal.net
    Brinkmann Dean      
    Bruckner Bob     bobbruckner@hotmail.com
    Bruhns Janet Kroll   alpha88888@aol.com
    Budnik Richard      
    Budzon Ken      
    Budzynski Tim     tim_budzynski@msn.com
    Bulava Carol Lapp    
  2 Burak Steve   Janet saburak@comcast.net
    Cade John     jkcade@yahoo.com
    Campbell Bonnie Koring   bkoring@hotmail.com
    Caputo Joseph      
    Carlin Raymond     rdc51143@aol.com
    Carlsen Allan     acarlsen@udel.edu
    Carroll Raymond      
1   1 Carsello Camille Anzelmo   campaints3@gmail.com
  1 Casurella Joseph     josephcasurella884@hotmail.com
1 1 1 Catarsi Marilyn Sudd   m_sudd@yahoo.com
    Cerceo Mary  Miceli    
2 2   Cerrone Lorene Surges Roy roy-lorene@sbcglobal.net
1 1 1 Cheladyn John      
1 1 1 Chirafisi Arlene Wilkinson   arlenewilkinson@yahoo.com
    Chirafisi Natalie Lanciloti    
    Chlebos Richard      
1     Chudzik Barbara Ann Bryl   barbbryl@gmail.com
1   1 Ciardella Judith Grzynkowicz   jag0679@att.net
    Cielenski Robert See Donna Nester   theskis1964@att.net
2 2 2 Clarke James See Joyce James   jaclarke134@comcast.net
    Commiso Anthony      
    Connolley Kathleen Schwendeman   2nighthawks@sprintmail.com
    Conrad Jim     jim.conrad.bzj2@statefarm.com
    Cooley Mary Ann Lira    
1     Coor Diane Silvestri    
    Corvo Carole Hofmeister    
    Cowin Rolan (Jeep)     jeep@autometer.com
    Craig Janet Scobell   jscobell@yahoo.com
  2 Cromwell Ann Holt Frank fandaholt@comcast.net
2   2 Crotty Pat Koss Bob  
    Czosek Edmund     judyedc@att.net
    Daczewitz John     jdaczewitz@hotmail.com
    Dahl Charles     chuckdahl43@gmail.com
    Dallmann Phyllis Hardek    
    Davison Lynn Voss   lynn_voss@sbcglobal.net
    Day Dennis     dennis8303@att.net
    Decore Tony      
    Dedick Allen     aldedick@att.net
    Deferville Richard      
    Deiderich Bob See Darlene Zurek   rdiederich@tampabayrr.com
    Delaney Donna McMahon   geraldmcmahon@comcast.net
    DeTomaso David      
    DeTrana Joyce      
    DeVito Mary Taliercio    
    Dominquez Alicia Herrera    
    Dooley Dawn Reiss    
    Dorosh Carmen Beals   integra.enterprises@hotmail.com
    Doyle Tom      
    Dravenack Bernadine      
    Dreyer Mary Knauss   mknauss1@att.net
2 2 2 Drury Leroy See Lynn Lund   ldrury1@hotmail.com
    Duncan Melody Zdeb    
    Ebert Robert      
1   1 Edelman Kerry Gore   KDG948@sbcglobal.net
    Edwards Carol Hnilo   siand@juno.com
    Eiffler George      
2 2 2 Eltman Douglas   Ernestine ernman577@aol.com
    Eme Sharon Emerson   misssherrygirl@sbcglobal.net
    Engebretson Bill      
2 2 2 English Merrily Kautt Richard missy.kautt@gmail.com
    Fabis Sandra     sandymayf@yahoo.com
    Farley Linda Cuilla   lcuilla@mac.com
  2 Fausey, Sr. Rich     fausey2som@sbcglobal.net
    Felbinger Thomas     n.felbinger@yahoo.com
2   2 Ferguson Sharon Fender Doug sharon@unifiedbuildingsystems.com
    Fetzner Judy Rae Mould    
  2 Fleck Donna Gill Jack  
    Foley Kathleen     rvicari@tampabay.rr.com
    Forkel Linda See John Tranchitella   jtranchitella@tampabay.rr.com
2   2 Franz Ralph   Barb r_franz@sbcglobal.net
    Fritz John      
    Gagliardo Tony     tgags101@aol.com
    Gard Sherron Larsen    
  2 Gargano Joanne Larsen Ken jlarsen@eastersealsdfvr.org
    Garramone Kathy Moses    
    Geyer Lucille Clarke    
    Giacometti Max     maxgiac@yahoo.com
2 2 2 Ginocchio Ida Shaw Bill triqind@aol.com
  2 Giorgi Lorene Laubach Fred Reikimstr1@sbcglobal.net
    Giroux Lana Book    
    Girris Mary Ann Socki   esocki@sbcglobal.net
    Glass Virginia     try to call
    Gleason Marsha      
    Glorioso Michael     mikeglorioso2002@yahoo.com
1   1 Gnech Ronald      
    Goins Sandra Halloran   skatinsandy1@aol.com
    Gollwitzer Kathy Wayzer    
    Grant Pat See Ron Radosh   pmradosh@aol.com
    Grantham Pam Biscotti    
2 2 2 Gregg James   Patricia instructor@softwingflight.com
    Griffin Diane Gorder    
  2 Griffin Nick   Sharon Caruso
    Grubbs Jim     n243jg@msn.com
    Guerra Irene Yanez    
    Gusel Jeff      
    Haag Dennis      
    Haefner Dennis     dh@dennishaefner.com
1 1 1 Haga Larry     haga.larry@yahoo.com
2   2 Hahn Ronald See Joyce Kowski    
    Hainsworth William      
    Hanks Pat      
1   1 Hanna Jene Fitzpatrick   sunflowerjene@cox.net
    Hannan James      
1   2 Hansen Joyce Knutsen Ed iamjoy111@sbcglobal.net
    Hanssen Elaine Lasky    
    Harazin Kathleen Stellman   mskathie1@sbcglobal.net
    Hauser Eileen Nugent   momhug@gmail.com
    Hayden Carol Fortin   fortmorg@aol.com
2 2 Hershman Barry c/o West Suburban Currency Exchange Dr. Ligaya Wscebarry@aol.com
2   2 Heydorn Gary   Pat Heydorn537@aol.com
  2 Holman Margaret Rooker Al  
    Holmberg James     jim@mwt.net
    Holmes Robert     dhmktday@aol.com
    Horan Mary Kay Cooper    
2   2 Howard James   Jackie jim.milgreen@gmail.com
    Hren Robert      
    Hupfer Norm      
    Hurlbut Robert      
    Incollingo Geraldine Ebbole   geraldine.ebbole@att.net
    Ireton Patricia Irwin    
    Jahaske Sandra Frazier    
    James Joyce Clarke   joyclarke134@comcast.net
    Jarvis James      
    Jensen Donna Castro   grammy2005@live.com
  2 Jensen Marilyn Swanson Don marilyn43swanson@yahoo.com
    Johnson Sharon Lynn Hart   harts1024@aol.com
    Jones Judie Sundin   jesundin@comcast.net
    Kann Diane Chlopek    
    Karalis Tom      
    Kaufman Diane Taylor    
    Kawa Eileen Formeller    
1   1 Keene Lynda Wilkerson   lwilkerson@csg.org
    Kielminski (Keel) Thom     professorkeel@gmail.com
    Kirk Elaine Michalek    
    Kisiel Jim      
    Klingberg Laverne Kirchoff    
    Klose Karen Welling    
    Koehler Mary Lou Heil    
    Koehn Bill     wckoehn@aol.com
    Kostock Kathy Kott    
    Kowalski Joanne Beczek   robertbeczek@comcast.net
    Kowski Joyce Hahn    
1   1 Kozlow Janet Cichon   1desertduo@cox.net
    Kraemer Jane Dunteman   jjaniebaby@aol.com
1 1 1 Krause Karen  Planz   k2@jacknagsme.com
    Kruse Robert   Judy jbkruse67@sbcglobal.net
2   2 Kulwin Bob   Dorothy bkulwin@aol.com
1 1 1 Kvistad Richard     rkvistad@gmail.com
    La Bianco James      
    Larsen Richard      
    Larsen Paul      plaursen@idcnet.com
2 1 2 Latoria Donnalee Itrich Tom dlitrich@aol.com
    Latoria Michael     michaelsoctavian@yahoo.com
    Latus Joyce Ivarson    
    Latuska Louise Pietrarosso    
    Le Castro Mary Flyr    
    Le Hockey Joan Manziara    
    Leder Vern     vernl1@sbcglobal.net
    Lee Arlene      
    Leith Virginia      
    Lewin Betty Erzig   rberzig@live.com
    Lewis Fletcher     fletcherlewis@sbcglobal.net
    Lietzau Paul      
    Ligman Tom      
    Lindsey Arthur     dinahlindsey@netscape.com
    Lingner Lore      lore@lorelingner.com
2   2 Linkenheld Arlene Gregor John finman6142@att.net
    Lipsomb Gary     bigglilb62@aol.com
    Lira Phillip See Mary Ann Cooley    
    Lisuzzo Tony     foxykaren@comcast.net
    Lodding Charles      
    Logalbo Gloria Karenas    
    Ludders Ronald     lemonsplash1@gmail.com
2     Ludviksen Wayne    Terri twlud@comcast.net
  2 Luety Fred   Tomi mttrombonechorale@gmail.com
  2 Lund Lucille Dinsmore Daniel dinsmoredb@aol.com
    Lund Lynn Drury   ldrury1@hotmail.com
2 2 2 Maciejewski Ron   Rita ronsplace74@att.net
    Maciejewski Jacqueline Westphal   jfwestphal@comcast.net
    Madaus Jacqueline Grainger    
    Makare Robert See Gerri Swanson   germakare@aol.com
    Mangino Carol Honaker    
2 2 2 Markgraf James   Irene jamjris@comcast.net
    Markley Mike     mikemarkley@comcast.net
    Marzillo Michael      
    Mascenic George      
    Mathews Ron      
    Mathisen Jean Michalak    
    Maurizi Kenneth      
    McCafferty John     jjmccafferty@comcast.net
    McDowell Donna See Jim Steciak   donnajimaz@msn.com
2     McDowell Donald (Ace) Carol mhi1970@aol.com
    McKinney Bud     cfo@budnbeth.com
    McVicker Jim      
    Meidl Arlene Curshellas    
1   1 Melowitz Tom     tom_melowitz@yahoo.com
    Meyer Fred      
2 2 2 Michalsen Pat Barzano Joe p_barzano@yahoo.com
    Miezio Douglas See Gerri Tranquilla    
    Mikulksi Bob     rmikulski@sbcglobal.net
    Milawski Janice Novak   jnovak7@aol.com
  2 Milek Joe   Ginny j.milek@comcast.net
    Moore Margaret Granger   peg.granger@gmail.com
    Morelli Louie     patsy6991@juno.com
2 2 2 Murk Mati   Norma  
    Murphy Rita Ruzecki   randr39@hotmail.com
    Murphy Mary     mrymrf@aol.com
    Murray Helen     helendmurray@gmail.com
    Mutzl Nicola Peace Core for next two years  
1   1 Muzyka Nancy Lambert   flacowgirl77@aol.com
    Mycke Ray      
    Nelson Laurel Oddo   redlgs144@aol.com
    Nelson Douglas     dnelson9@new.rr.com
    Nelson Richard      
    Nester Donna Cielenski   theskis1964@att.net
    Neuenfeld John      
    Nichols Barbara      
1 1 1 Nickerson Wallace     wallmann@aol.com
    Nojiri Jo Ann      
    Noncek Veronica Kellerman    
1   1 Norgaard Lynne McLaughlin   lmclau1360@aol.com
    Norton John     jlnorton@prodigy.net
    Nosworthy Brenda Storm   bstorn204@gmail.com
    Nosworthy Hedley      
1 1 1 Nurczyk Allen     almn@aol.com
    O'Neill Michael     twigaduma@aol.com
    Orzehoskie Charles     corzehoski@aol.com
    Oskin Mary Bakke    
  2 Owens Dennis See Marie Bellizzi Marie  
    Palermo Jill      
    Palmere Betty Francesconi    
  2 Panzica Jack   Peggy  
    Parker Bob See Elaine Zielke   elaineparker92@yahoo.com
1 1   Parzy Richard     richapr7@aol.com
    Pawlik Nancy Staackpole   nancystackpole@yahoo.com
    Penton Shirley Sherman   sherman@paulbunyan.net
1   1 Perry Donna Lazzarotto    
    Pia Nora Saso    
    Pienkos Rose Ann Pitello    
    Pingel Phil     diandphil@comcast.net
    Pisciotto Patrick      
    Powderly Dennis     dpowderly@sbcglobal.net
2   2 Price Charlotte Bramley Christopher corkybram@yahoo.com
    Prueter Lorna Heuser    
2   2 Radosh Ralph See Pat Grant   pradosh@aol.com
    Rasmussen Dale     dalerazz@aol.com
    Rathmann Maureen Arnold    
    Rathmann Merrily Becker    
  2 Reavley Patrick   Cindi pcreavley@gmail.com
    Reed Ann Ziegler   aziegler43@comcast.net
    Rials Robert      
  2 Ringhofer Richard   Dorinda drr277@aol.com
    Rodgers Jim See Donna Weber   jamrdg@comcast.net
1   Rogers Carole Randmark    
    Rohrhuber Susan Dixon    
    Ruff Bette La Montagna    
    Russell Marian Sharon Volpe    
    Russell Lawrence     lawrence.russel@verison.net
    Rutkus Robert      
    Sandbote Louis     lou.sandbote@charter.net
    Sanko Yvonne Autenrieth    
1 1 1 Sayers Nick     ncsayers@gmail.com
    Schero Roxanne Blanchette    
    Scheuerman Fred      
    Schlau Richard     hells-bells@sbcglobal.net
1   1 Schlottman Nancy Dennis   nancy999@sbcglobal.net
    Schmidt Roberta      
    Seidler Nancy     nanseidler@earthlink.net
    Sell Renee Enger   zsazsa1943@tampabay.rr.com
    Shadduck George      
    Shadle Bill      
1 1 1 Sinclair Beverly Moehling   bevm@sbcglobal.net
    Sivulka Nick      
  1 Skepnek Marguerite Camarata   margec5494@aol.com