East  Leyden Class Of 1961
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11/07/15 Can't Find Removed Bernadine Dravenack
  Deceased Added Bernadine Dravenack (2012) - Thanks Wayne Ludviksen for the info
  Latest News 55 Year Announcement from Karen
11/2/15 Contacts Removed Frank Brewster - his email address is no longer valid
  Can't Find Added Frank Brewster - his Wheaton address & email address are no longer valid
10/30/15 Contacts Updated Larry Russells' email address, removed Ray Lindsey
  Can't Find Removed Bill Koehn from the Can't Find List - he sent me an email - Thanks Bill - Also removed Ray Lindsey
  Deceased Added Ray Lindsey - Thanks Judith Switala for the info
  Then_Now_Page_63 Added space for 2016 Pictures
  Then_Now_Page_62 Added space for 2016 Pictures
  Then_Now_Page_61 Added space for 2016 Pictures
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10/26/15 Can't Find Removed Bonnie Bartels & Penny Lindvig from the Can't Find list.  They were on both the Can't Find & Deceased List - Thanks Karen for pointing this out
  Then_Now_Page_68 Added space for 2016 Pictures
  Then_Now_Page_67 Added space for 2016 Pictures
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10/23/15 Home Initial 55 Year Reunion Announcement
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10/20/15 Deceased Joanne (Okray) Banovitz  East Leyden Class of 1962 reported Jim Finke died years ago
  Can't Find Removed Jim Finike from the Can't Find List
7/27/15 Deceased Added Bob Andreason, Melody Duncan, Dan Flynn, henry Kunz, Ray Mycke, Carol Sherman, Pat Serpico and Carol Tucker based on the new deceased list from the Reunion Committee ( Karen Krause ).
  Lost Classmates Updated based upon Reunion List ( Karen Krause)
7/7/15 Latest Changes Reformatted the change log to similar to the home page
  Contacts Reformatted the change log to similar to the home page
  Deceased Reformatted the change log to similar to the home page
6/23/15 Deceased Added Rolfe Smedberg -2005 - Thanks to Ken Maurizi who called his sister
  Lost Classmates Removed  Rolfe Smedberg
6/9/15 Lost Classmates Removed Radomir Nedovich from Lost Classmates
  Mailing List Added Radomir Nedovich to the mailing list
6/5/15 Home Added a request for feedback about attending a 2016 55th Reunion
5/13/15 Deceased Added Tom Karalis - 2000 living in Victorville CA and Mary DeVito - 2009 living in Phoenix - reported by Jim LaBianco
  Lost Classmates Removed Tom Karalis as he was reported deceased by Jim LaBianco
4/7/15 Deceased Darlene Spaak passed away on 3/31/15
3/16/15 P 54 Then Now Added ken Maurizi
3/12/15 Contacts Added Ken Maurizi to the contact list
3/11/15 Deceased Added Ron Lloyd - 2012
  Lost Classmates Removed Ron Lloyd
3/4/15 Deceased Added Hedley Nosworthy
2/15/15 Mailing List Added Bruce_Elizabeth Fey aka Elizabeth Bruce Wright
  P 72 Then Now Added Bruce_Elizabeth Fey aka Elizabeth Bruce Wright
2/6/15 Lost Classmates Removed Elizabeth Bruce ( Frey) Wright
  Contacts Added   "
11/8/14 Home Indicated that Bill Shadle had passed away
  Deceased Added Bill Shadle - reported by Joe Anne
10/25/14 Profiles Added a profile for Rolan Cowen ( AKA Jeep Worthan)
10/8/14 Home Indicated the Carole Corvo had passed away
  Deceased Added Carole Corvo - reported by Joe Anne Turco
7/1/14 Home Indicated that Jim Markgraf had passed away on 6/17/14
  Deceased Added Jim Markgraf along with his obit
6/13/14 Home Indicated that Donna Fleck had passed away on 12/27/13
  Deceased Added Donna Fleck with obit
6/2/14 Home Identified that planning for the next reunion was going to start this year.  Asked for opinions concerning a 54 or 55 year review
  Contacts Corrected Donna Lee Latoria's email address
5/27/14 Contacts Added Jim Kisiel
  Mailing List Added Jim Kisiel
3/25/14 Lost Classmates Removed Ross Tortorice
  Mailing List Located Ross Tortorice - Thank You to Ron DeRenzis rond67@att.net for the Info
2/1/14 Mailing List Corrected the password procedure allowing access to the mailing list
  Home Put a link to the Reunion Committee
1/15/14 Home Indicated that Donna McDowell had passed away
  Deceased Added Donna McDowell
12/7/13 Home Indicated that Jim Steciak had passed away
  Deceased Added Jim Steciak and Raren Repsis
  Lost Classmates Removed Karen Repsis
9/14/13 Mailing List Added Ralph Franz's address
5/22/13 Contacts Changed Pat Young's email address
  Mailing List Updated Pat Young's address, changed Joe Anne Turco's phone #
4/8/13 Contacts Added Diane O'Brien
  Lost Classmates Removed Diane O'Brien
  Mailing List Added Diane O'Brien
2/9/13 Contacts Corrected Fred Luety's email address
1/11/13 Lost Classmates Removed Dave Ironside
  Contacts Added Dave Ironside living in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
10/31/12 Deceased Added Frank (Butch) Egan (2006)
10/29/12 Lost Classmates Removed Ruth Meyer
  Contacts Added Ruth Meyer
  Profiles/Story Added Ruth Meyer
10/5/12 Home Indicated that Norm Goodman had passed away
8/27/12 Home Indicated that Gary Heydorn had passed away
  Contacts Removed Gary Heydorm
  Deceased Added Gary Heydorn
6/10/12 Home Added a picture of Eaglewood Resort
  Yearbook Page 28 Added a new picture for Dick Augustine
  Yearbook Page 33 Added Marilyn Catarsi
  Yearbook Page 62 Added Richard Ringhofer
  Yearbook Page 63 Added Louis Sandbote and a new picture for Nick Sayers
6/6/12 50th Photos Added 12 additional photos ( extracted from the Videos) Dick Augustine, Janet Bruhns, Marilyn Catarsi, Richard Ringhofer, Louis Sandbote, Nick Sayers, John Tranchitella, Warren Trapp, Dieter Werner, Sharon Ferguson & Margaret Holman,  Janet Kozlow and Doug Eltman
6/5/12 50th Reunion Videos Removed Video 2 & 3 ( they were too big ). Split each into 3 videos about 6 minutes each and  put them on Youtube.
5/23/12 Not Pictured Added Then/Now Pictures for Jim Talluto
5/15/12 Home Added a Link for the 50th Reunion Videos
  50th Reunion Videos Made Video Pages with3 Links for videos.  Only the 5 Minutes Video has been added.  It's on You Tube.
5/13/12 Contacts Added James Talluto to the contact list
  Mailing List Added James Talluto to the mailing list
  Home Replaced the front page pictures with new pictures
2/18/12 50th Photos Added the pictures from the Leyden Tour from the 50th reunion
2/6/12 Year Book Pictures Added Janet Craig's Then / Now Photos
12/16/11 Contacts Changed Ralph Franz's and Carol Hayden's email address
11/21/11 Contacts Corrected Jim Ziese's email address
11/20/11 Mailing List Added Bob Cielenski and his wife Donna Nester
11/16/11 Latest News Posted the info about the mailing list
  Mailing List Added Shirley Penton to the mailing list
  50th Photos Added a Saturday photo  of Sue Altergott, Marilyn Jensen and Marguerite Skepnek
11/15/11 Mailing List The Class of 1961 Mailing List is now out on our Web Site.  You will be receiving an email with the password to access the list
11/13/11 Contacts Added a link on the Contact Information Page to a password page to get access to the class of 1961 mailing list.  The mailing list is not on the web site yet.  It is password protected.  When the mailing list is complete I'll send the password to classmates.
11/9/11 50th Photos Added Pictures of Carmen Dorosh and Bob Parker from Friday
11/4/11 50th Photos Added a Picture which was background of Ray Mycke and also one of Rick Kvistad and Warren Trapp's wife
10/31/11 50th Photos Replaced a duplicate of married classmates with a picture or Al Nurczyk and Nancy Muzyka
10/26/11 Past Reunions Added the 50th Reunion photo to past Reunions
  50th Photos Added the last of the Reunion Photos
  Contacts Changed Beverly Sinclair's email
  Lost Classmates Removed Diane Chavez
  Deceased Added Diane Chavez based on an email from Janet Craig
10/24/11 50th Photos All of the Saturday Photos I have have been posted.  12 more Friday night Photos remaining
10/23/11 50th Photos Added 16 photos from Camille Carsello - 41 Saturday photos and 12 Friday Photos remaining
10/22/11 50th Photos Added the first 4 Saturday photos
  Lost Classmates Removed Fred Meyer &  James Tate -
10/21/11 50th Photos Added the last of the Friday night Pictures - Saturday Pictures Next
10/20/11 50th Photos Added 18 more Photos - Another 60 to go
10/19/11 50th Photos Added 24 more Photos - only 80 more to go plus the 20 received today from Jim Steciak's roommate
  Reunion Comments Comments from Reunion Attendees
  Lost Classmates Removed Peggy Metsala and Bonnie Bartels
  Deceased Added Peggy Metsala, Bonnie Bartels and Penny Pasieta
  Home Changed the home page a lot - removed the link to the class of '59 and added changing pictures from the Reunion
10/18/11 Profiles/Story Added a Bob Bruckner email to Donna Lee
10/17/11 Contacts Fixed Ron Radosh and Steve Burak and changed the background
  50th Photos A few Photos from the Reunion - Another 100 to add
10/13/11 Deceased Added Ron Mathews based upon an email from Rich Struif
10/11/11 Attending Added the latest attending as of 10/11/11
  Profiles/Story Added Karen Krause & Lorene Giorgi
10/5/11 Attending Added Nancy Seidler
9/29/11 Latest News Added the returns from the Reservation forms as of 9/28/11
  Attending Added 28 classmates
9/28/11 Contacts Added all of the email address's returned with the Reunion Reservation forms
9/25/11 Contacts Corrected Lyn Ward's email address
  Latest News Added news about the death of Coach Helixon
9/24/11 Profiles/Story Added Tom Smith
9/23/11 Contacts Added Linda Ward, Darlene Stricklin, Joe Milek and Rick Pisciotto
  Lost Classmates Removed Darlene Stricklin
  Profiles/Story Added Darlene Stricklin
9/21/11 Deceased Added Penny Lindvig based on an email from Jim Clarke
  Lost Classmates Removed Penny Lindvig
9/20/10 Latest News Changed the spelling on Dale Rasmussen's last name
9/19/11 Contacts Added Patricia Lavieri
  Profiles/Story Added Patricia Lavieri
  Latest News Updated the Response matrix to 9/19/11
  Attending Added Pat Crotty, Leroy Drury, Lynn Lund, Kerry Edelman, Joe Milek and Ralph Franz
  Past Reunions Added a 40 year Reunion picture from Sept 2000 sent to me by Warren Trapp
  Deceased Added Patricia Butcher and James Tate
9/15/11 Attending Added Bob Kruse (Meeting & Greet Only) based on email
9/14/11 Attending Added Janis Abraham, Marilyn Catarsi, John Cheladyn, Barbara Ann Chudzik, Ann Cromwell, Ralph Franz, Gary Heydorn, Robert Makare, Nick Sayers, Marguerite Skepnek, Darlene Spaak, and Joe Springer.
  Latest News Updated the Response matrix to 9/14/11 based on an email from Donna Lee
9/13/11 Contacts Added Nancy Muzyka and Sharon Ferguson
  Profiles/Story Added Nancy Muzyka and Darlene Toerpe
  Deceased Added Doug Lambert who died 11 years ago and Mike Marzillo who died 5 years ago in Las Vegas
  Attending Added Nancy Muzyka based upon her email and Sharon Ferguson
9/8/11 Contacts Added Jim Steciak ( the same as Donna McDowell)
  Attending Added Steve Burak, Joanne Gargano, Nancy Schlottman, Tom Smith, Mary Ann Garris, Judy Theodosakis and Dieter Werner based on the Response Matrix from Karen Krause
  Attending Added Barb Uzarski, Donna Thetford and Pat Young based upon an email from Dor-do
  Latest News Updated the Response matrix to 9/7/11 based on a email from Karen  Krause
  High School Photos Added a 1958 Photo of Jim Steciak and Donna McDowell
9/6/11 Contacts Added Janis Abraham
  Home Added a Link for High School Photos ( Ron Maciejewski ) sent a some HS photos
  High School Photos Made a photo page for HS Photos
9/3/11 Contacts Added Bob Kulwin
  Profiles/Story Added Bob Kulwin
8/31/11 Latest News Updated Responses Received to as of 8/30/11
  Attending Added Ace McDowell ( Meet & Greet only ) and Bob Kulwin
8/30/11 Lost Classmates Removed Mary Ann (Garris ) Socki from the lost classmates list
  Contacts Added Ed Socki to the contact list
8/29/11 Contacts Added Lore Lingner
  Profiles/Story Added Lore Lingner
8/28/11 Contacts Added John Norton, Mike Glorioso , Beverly Sinclair and Chuck Dahl
8/26/11 Lost Classmates Made a page of lost classmates - those the reunion committee were unable to contact
  Home Changed the link from not sure to lost classmates
8/24/11 Attending Added the responses to the Reunion Reservation received by 8/24/11
  Latest News "    "
8/21/11 Attending Added Joe Casurella
  Contacts Added Joe Casurella
8/16/11 Attending Added Vic Avigliano and Dorothy Wischnia
8/15/11 Profiles/Story Added Judy Ciardella
8/7/11 Profiles/Story Replaced Carol Hayden's story with an email she sent
8/5/11 Contacts Added Thomas Keel
8/4/11 Attending Added Lynne Norgaard
  Not Pictured Made a Then & Now Picture page under Yearbook for classmates that moved before graduation ( Norgaard & Zwick)
8/2/11 Contacts Added Lynne Norgaard and Darlene Toerpe
  Profiles/Story Added Lynne Norgaard
7/28/11 Attending Added Ron Maciejewski based upon his email to me.  The list does not yet include the results fron the early June mailing.
7/21/11 Profiles/Story Fixed the link under Joe Milek
  Deceased Added Larry Matson as reported by Ron Maciejewski
7/19/11 Contacts Added Nancy Bell, Linda Keene, Sharon Zwik and Pat Grant, Barb Uzarski and Donna McDowell from a Joe Turco email
7/18/11 Contacts Corrected Sandy Kent's info
  Profiles/Story Restored Sany Kent's info that was inadvertently deleted
  Deceased Added Fred Richardi - 1998 based upon Tribune article
7/8/11 Contacts Added Dennis Day
7/7/11 Contacts Added Ron Maciejewski
  Profiles/Story   "
7/2/11 Contacts Added Dick Parzy, Warren Trapp and Judy Ciardella
7/1/11 Deceased Added Patrick Keane (June 12, 2011)
6/25/11 Profiles/Story Added Thomas Keel (Kielminski in 1961) from Classmates.com
6/17/11 Contacts Corrected the spelling for Camille Carsello's name to Anzelmo
6/14/11 Contacts Added Jim La Bianco
6/13/11 Profiles/Story Added  Camille Carsello and Carol Hayden
  Contacts Made a preliminary contact list - Doesn't include any names returned with the REUNION RESERVATION FORM
  Deceased Added Wayne Silander - He received a Bronze Star!
6/12/11 Deceased Added Don Hildebrand - 2004
6/8/11 Latest News Added a copy of the Reunion Letter and a PDF file to print out the letter and Reservation Form
  Home Added a link for the letter and Reservation Form and deleted some blank space
6/7/11 Profiles/Story Added an email from Bob Diederich and for Darlene Zurek
4/20/11 Profiles/Story Added Gary Lipscomb
  Attending Changed the animation at the top from Garfield to Balloons
4/7/11 Past Reunions Added a Past Reunion Photo Page
  Profiles/Story Added Joe Anne Turko
4/5/11 Profiles/Story Added a Profiles page ( I got everything from Classmates.com except for the Joe Milek Hall of Fame)
  Latest News Added a Latest News Page (from Karen Krause)
3/23/11 Deceased Added the list of deceased classmates collected by the reunion committee ( Karen Krause)
3/22/11 Reunion Committee Added a Picture of Joyce Kowski (with Ron Hahn)
3/21/11 Reunion Committee Changed Karen Krause's picture
  Attending Added Karen Krause as attending from her email to me
3/8/11 Home Changed the links on the left to a single space
  Reunion Committee Added Joyce Kowski to the Reunion Committee
  Attending Added a page for attending the reunion (from classmates.com)
  Maybe Attending Maybe attending from Classmates.com
3/6/11 Reunion Committee Changed the background
  Home Changed the background to the yearbook



Corrected the spelling for Eaglewood Resort & changed the pictures around and made a solid background



Put the site on the Internet

  Reunion Committee Added a Page for the reunion Committee

Added a Picture