East  Leyden Class of 1961

Comments about the 55th Reunion held at Pheasant Run on September 9th and 10th, 2016

Merrily English:
Thanks for such a great reunion weekend!  It was wonderful seeing so many of our classmates again.  Kudos to the team  who put it all together!
Best regards,
Merrily English Kautt
Back home in Denver!
Alicia Dominquez:
Hello Karen
Irene and I had a great time as always.  I want to give you my new address: 2704 Louis St, Franklin Park, Il. 60163 and phone is 630-824-8497.  My email is the same.  I heard a rumor that you are  you are planning a yearly reunion and I am all for it.  
Alicia Dominguez-Herrera
Al Nurczyk:
I had a great time and I'm sure everyone else has a good time also.
Al Nurczyk
All Lives Matter.
Carmen Dorosh:
Thank you, Karen/Committee for a wonderful 'meet and greet'.   We trust that Saturday's events were just as great.  It's hard to believe that I am writing this from my kitchen, in AZ. on Monday morning.  We left Phoenix Friday am and flew to Chgo, drove to St. charles and reunited with 'the best', spent Friday night in St. Charles, flew to Minneapolis Sat. am, drove to St. Cloud, Mn to meet up with our son and daughter-in-love and watch him compete, spent the night in St. Cloud, watched more competition on Sunday, drove back to Minneapolis Sunday night and stayed in a hotel with our kids for a few hours sleep Sunday night, and we flew out very early this am to Denver and then on to Phoenix while our kids flew back to Chgo ,at the same time,  and are now in the air half way back to HI.  As soon as I say thank you to all of you, once more, I'm off to bed, I hope!  
BIG HUGS To ALL!  Carmen. 
Mike Glorioso:
 I want to "Thank You" and the team that arranged a very special re-union !! You did a great job. I have coordinated events like this and it takes a lot of work and coordination to pull it off as well as you did! 
Many classmates were talking about another re-union in the future. I believe the environment we had on Friday night,casual meet & greet, may be a good venue in the future which would not require a lot of work to organize.
Our good classmate ( and my best friend) Rich DiPego  ( who has passed)and Arlene Linkenheld ( his former wife) have a son Rick who has several restaurants. He is opening a very large one with I believe banquet facilities.
 This is a family place with great pizza , pasta etc, and i understand he is also going to have a bakery on premise.
Here is my thought for an annual get together, pick a date, and several weeks before send out an invitation that we are going to meet there. Who ever wants to come , comes.  No need to coordinate, collect money, name tags etc... He has not opened the new place ( late October) but I or Arlene can check out this idea when he does, Just a thought to keep everyone connected over the years. God willing we hit the 60th and beyond.
We have been blessed with a great team such as yours over the years, Thanks for a special weekend !!
Mike Glorioso
Joanne Gargano:
I had a great time.  It was fun seeing old classmates.  Good Job committee.
 Joanne Larsen  |  Audiology Intake
Rich Parzy:
A big THANK YOU for the planning and execution of Saturday nights festivities.  Was obvious that the committee spent mucho time to bring everything together.   Looking forward to the next gathering.
Wayne and Kay Wagner
Great job Karen. Wonderful reunion. Kudos to u and the committee. Rich Parzy 
Larry Bauer:

I was not aware of a reunion this year. Must have gone to spam at my previous email address. Please update my email address to papabauer@outlook.com. I hope everyone had a good time and I hope to see you all at the next reunion.